The Society

The Italian Society of Uro-Oncology (S.I.Ur.O.) is a ‘non profit’ organization that was founded in 1990 by Francesco Boccardo, Mario Cappellini, Franco Di Silverio, Luciano Giuliani, Giuseppe Martorana, Alberto Pellegrini, Giorgio Pizzocaro, Salvatore Rocca Rossetti, Leonardo Santi, Enzo Usai and Vito Vitale.

Founder members ‘s goal was to establish a free and unsectarian organization that is in the position of promoting the multidisciplinary approach to the management of patients suffering from urologic tumors.

In particular, the Association aims to promote the growth of a ‘new’ specialist who while working in its original branch of medicine at the same time aims to break the attitudinal, cultural and operational barriers of its branch and to develop specific interest and skills in the field of urologic diseases through constant training.

In accordance with these principles, urologists, medical oncologistsradiation oncologists, pathologists and, more in general, specialists with such interests over the last ten years have had the opportunity to compare their own knowledge and their own professional experience and to develop a common cultural heritage which has led to the institutionalization and validation of collaborative projects (multi-specialized protocols, multidisciplinary clinics, etc.) that are steadily spreading within the health services of our country.

Therefore, the most important and significant feature of this new Society is the multidisciplinary‘vocation’ that is warranted on a statutory level by the necessary participation in the Steering Committee of specialists from different branches of medicine.